2nd Annual All Original Comedy Revue

99 Problems, but a sketch ain't one!

Start the New Year with a familiar recipe from your theatrical pals at the Equinox Theatre (Soon to be Verge Theater). The recipe is as follows: Mix 6 actors, recent events, pop culture and parody together. Improv vigorously. Add a much needed dose of shenanigans. Stir in four requisite fart jokes and 7 cliche pratfalls. Laugh ferociously!

We're bringing an all new revue to the stage this January. Our team of actors will boldly wring out 2012 and blindly ring in 2013 with a mad adventure into a realm we like to call Skit-o-Mania. Saturday Night Live is for nonagenarians (that's people in their 90's), Second City is for the unsophisticated, but Our All Original Comedy Revue is for YOU!


Shows run at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays from Jan. 11th-26th. General admission tickets are a mere 12 dollars and a merer 10 dollars for students and seniors. We're located at 2304 N. 7th ave. (in the strip mall across from Murdoch's).

Directed by: Christian McDaniel

Sadie Cassavaugh
Ben Sevilla
Mike Garverick
Elizabeth Noonan
Paige Johnson
Molly Hannan

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